PSC Software Launches New Website

POMONA, Calif. - PSC Software, a branch of PSC Biotech, is excited to announce the launch of its own brand new website! PSC Software used to take up a small section of the PSC Biotech website, but now it has a website entirely its own designed to give our customers every last detail they need to know about PSC Software’s products. This website is more appealing to the eye, and more informative. The PSC Software team has worked extremely hard to get our website up and running, which is nothing compared to how hard they work on our software products.

We make software designed to take the hassle out of the very stressful auditing process. Our new website gives guided tours of all our auditing software products. We currently have 3 products: Auditca, Audit Utopia, and EZ-CAPA. Auditca is specifically designed for companies that run audits, whereas Audit Utopia is for companies that get audited. EZ-CAPA is a corrective and preventative action management tool that enables organizations to track and manage corrective and preventative actions. For customers who already use PSC Software’s Audit Utopia or Auditca, EZ-CAPA is designed to enable seamless transfer of findings or follow-up. All of our products are user friendly, so please allow us to help your company streamline the entire auditing process!

We also encourage our customers to follow our new blog, so they can receive updates about new software products, features, and plugins. Our website also links to PSC Software’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google + accounts.

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