New Year, New Auditca™

Auditca™ is an audit report generation tool for auditors in regulated environments. Auditca™ streamlines the audit reporting process making the auditor’s work easier and quicker. Users can generate PDF reports within Auditca™, review previous drafts of the reports and get the reports authorized using Auditca™’s new electronic signature feature.

Auditca™ is basically a toolbox for auditors, a valuable piece of material ideal for an auditor in regulatory environments. Within Auditca™ is an Observation Library; this library is 50 years of accumulated experience in best practices. Handing a tool like Auditca™ to an auditor will put them decades ahead of the game. Auditca™ also comes with a Regulatory Library, which is where federal regulations and standards worldwide are stored. With a couple clicks, you can choose an observation from the Observation Library, find its reference in the Regulatory Library, include your findings, and click save. With a couple of clicks you will have observations locked, cited, and ready to be transformed into an audit report.

We are getting ready for the next release of Auditca™ at the beginning of the New Year. We are including more standards and regulations in our Regulatory library giving Auditca™ even more of a competitive advantage. After the next release, Auditca™ can be implemented as a global best practice. The new version of Auditca™ will also come with a CAPA generation tool, so you can instantly turn observations from audit reports into CAPAs!


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