(Case Study) New Capabilities Drive Efficiency and Consistent Execution to Audits & Inspections

A Director of Corporate Compliance sought to improve his team’s reporting process and address the team’s skill set disparity by leveraging knowledge, experience and technology.

A seasoned auditor himself, the Director of Corporate Compliance for an innovative biotechnology company faced a challenge; looking at the calendar, he could see that the quantity of audits scheduled would stretch his team. He needed to improve his audit team’s efficiency, decrease the dependency on management to ensure that reports met standards and address experience gaps across the team. During his tenure as an auditor, he learned about a new system that could improve an auditor’s effectiveness and at the same time automate some manual parts of their reporting process, while simultaneously enforcing the use of standardized observations. If successful, his team could meet deadlines and reduce the typical lag time associated with producing post visit reports. Management time could then be utilized on higher value activities.

In utilizing the application, he has noted the ability to streamline the audit procedures and at the same time, incorporate many of the principles he found so important in successful audit reporting.

The new system, Auditca™, went in smoothly delivering several benefits at the onset.  Turnaround time for audit reports decreased while execution consistency & error rates decreased. The quality and accuracy of audit observations improved across the team with reduced management oversight. What’s most exciting is that the team has a common system to reference history as needed to develop a series of metrics.

By employing Auditca™, the Director of Corporate Compliance can realize his vision. His team can pool their experience, collaborate in report redaction, relay on the collective resources of the group and by doing so save time that had previously been spent on non-value added activities. 

The power of adapting a streamlining methodology to audit reporting is far reaching from the technician to the auditor to the high-level managerial review process. It has been noted consistently that simplifying along with fine-tuning procedures and processes can produce a dramatic effect with powerful and significant results.

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