Announcing New and Improved Auditca™ 3.0

Auditca™ software is developed specifically to make auditors lives easier by to taking the pressure off of a stressful process. Auditca™ 3.0 is an upgraded version of Auditca™, which has been improved thanks to our customer feedback. You can now generate audit reports with even more ease with features like report template configuration, and improved data tables. You can even add electronic signatures before exporting the report for its final revision. Auditca™ comes with an updated library of all current regulations of various regulatory bodies for US, Canada, China, EU/EC, Japan, UK and other international regulations. We keep our state-of-the-art, regulatory library updated constantly, so you are never out of the loop on the newest FDA regulations. Our library comes complete with search and reference capabilities. Auditca™ also comes with an observation library with customizable observation templates, so Auditca™ can seamlessly fit your organization’s needs. Overall, Auditca™ streamlines the audit reporting process making the auditor’s work easier and quicker.

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